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From Bosnia and Herzegovina to Carolina's and Georgia: Haris Arnautović

One of the most influential gatherings of professionals in the world, two universities, three cities, four days of learning and exploring and numerous inspirational individuals - this was just part of my professional development tour across Georgia and North Carolina with my friend, colleague and mentor, Eddie (Edhem) Čustović.

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We present our Student and Young Professional Leadership Committee!

On Friday our board members had a strategic planning meeting in Mostar during which they discussed activities and goals for this year, but also which structural changes need to be made in the Foundation in order to work more effectively. The most important change is the establishment of Student and Young Professional Leadership Committee (SYPLC), which aims to scale, diversify and extend future activities of Foundation, giving students and young professionals a unique opportunity to grow and extend their responsibilities.   

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5 stvari koje smo naučili na konferenciji “Potrebe privrednog sektora za tehnikom i inovatorstvom”

I ove godine smo bili ponosni partneri 3. naučno-stručne konferencije "Potrebe privrednog sektora za tehnikom i inovatorstvom", koja je održana 23.januara u Parlamentarnoj skupštini Bosne i Hercegovine. Naši studenti iz Banja Luke i Tuzle su u kratko sumirali najbitnije detalje sa konferencije.

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