We present our Student and Young Professional Leadership Committee!


On Friday our board members had a strategic planning meeting in Mostar during which they discussed activities and goals for this year, but also which structural changes need to be made in the Foundation in order to work more effectively. The most important change is the establishment of Student and Young Professional Leadership Committee (SYPLC), which aims to scale, diversify and extend future activities of Foundation, giving students and young professionals a unique opportunity to grow and extend their responsibilities.   

From now on the Committee will oversee almost all operational and daily tasks related to our work, which will be very helping for our Board of Directors since they will focus on more challenging tasks such as fundraisings and our strategic partnerships. We are extremely proud of the fact that all eight students of the Committee are part of our family almost since the beginning and now they will have the opportunity to put their leadership skills and assertiveness into action and in such way act as ambassadors in order to promote our activities whenever possible and suitable and to help us grow all together.

Every member will have a special role within the committee, which was assigned to them according to their interests and strengths. We proudly present you new roles:

Student Project Team:

Milan Kusmuk and Zorana Štaka

Milan and Zorana will be responsible for identifying, conceptualizing and drafting project proposals and grants on our behalf.

Coordinator of BH Futures Foundation Academies:

Nikolina Grahovac

Nikolina will be our coordinator for all three Academies over the year; she will be in charge of managing the core organizing team and identifying partners and sponsors that can help.

Coordinator for External Cooperation and Partnerships:

Haris Arnautović

Haris will be responsible for maintaining the Foundation’s contact base, communicating with our partners and actively looking for new ones that meet our goals.

Coordinator for Visibility and Presence at Events:

Vildana Hrnjić

Vildana will coordinate our presence at events by providing quarterly event listing to the Executive Board and coordinate which Foundation representatives would be attending them. She will also be responsible for needed promotional material and for supplying of our marketing team with content needed for social media posts.

Coordinator of Mentoring Programme:

Ali Mokayes

Ali will be responsible for coordination of all our mentoring programs, which includes monitoring the entire process of mentoring with focus on progress of both, mentees and mentors.

Coordinator for Educational Activities & Professional Development:

Zvonimira Jakić

Zvonimira will oversee all educational activities such as webinars, online lectures, workshops, leadership forums and other formats that may be exclusive to the Foundation or in partnership with another organization.  She will also track the participation and development of Foundation’s students by assessing their applications and progress.

Coordinator of the Outreach Programme:

Amer Muratović

Amer will be responsible for planned outreach partnerships which involve developing relationships with primary, secondary schools as well as technical schools, universities and other educational institutions.