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Donate to the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation

We believe no student should miss out on a quality education due to disadvantage. There are many students who need support to access the educational opportunities they deserve. Your donation will make a direct impact on the youth in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Your donations mean so much to those supported by the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation that strives to enhance educational opportunities, technology access and improving employment of youth. The foundation also utilises a powerful network of intelectuals and successful business professionals to help in the mentoring and support of scholarship recipients and other students. Your donations will transform lives and our foundation will ensure that you are kept up to date on the students & projects we support. Together, we achieve so much more. Together we are recognising the needs of brilliant minds.


How does it work?


Donations to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Futures Foundation are directed to our scholarship fund. We understand that you may have a preference as to how your donation is used. We may vary this in accordance with the guidelines of our foundation to help those who most need support. Students apply to our foundation for scholarships and are shortlisted according to the "Foundation Scholarship Criteria". Students are then interviewed by our foundation and application claims are valided. The scholarship recipients are then invited to receive the scholarship certificates and financial award. The foundation will strategically partner with major conferences or other public events to present scholarships and maximise exposure of the foundation and promote the students being rewarded.  

Our board of directors develops an annual plan which determines:

  • Number of scholarships/awards to be presented

  • Where and how the scholarship will be presented

  • How else funding can be used to assist students in advancing their careers


Donation Information

Donors will be recognized in the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation Annual Publication, if they contribute $50 or more, unless they wish to make their donation anonymously. All donations are tax deductible and an invoice can be issues to a company or individual by emailing the foundation.

Individuals or organisations who wish to make significant donations can discuss with the board of directors opportunities for having a scholarship named. For more information about giving, please contact info @


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