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Othmane's Diaries: Working weekdays, getaway at weekends

My stay in Tuzla lasted longer than expected. I have to admit that I am the kind of person who easily feels uncomfortable at some point, when staying at someone’s place – particularly if this someone is newly met. But to be fair, my different hosts (Ali and Haris, but also Ajdin Nakičević) have been remarkably welcoming, and importantly enough, I am glad that this allows me to almost exclusively hang out with locals. After all, I came to Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet Bosnians.

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Prilika za učenje svjetske klase u Srebrenici - Futures Makerspace program!

Dragi srednjoškolci i studenti iz Srebrenice i Podrinja,

Mi kao Fondacija budućnosti u Bosni i Hercegovini smo napravili nešto posebno za vas! Od 20. jula u funkciji je Futures Makerspace, mjesto gdje ćete imati priliku da realizujete sve svoje ideje za projekte i StartUp-e.

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