Mentees becoming mentors - Momčilo Amović

Information Technology company LANACO, which is based in Banja Luka, organized its 13th summer internship for students of technical faculties in region. 45 students from 23 cities and 3 countries were interested and applied for summer internship, out of which 14 students were chosen based on their academic records and previous experience.

This year’s internship was focused on the development of Android applications within the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, with the aim of improving the development of the agricultural goods, which are grown by “Bosnia grows Organic” association. Application will be employed for “Smart Farming” concept and therefore students were provided with an adequate professional care and opportunity to grow up, brush up and develop their skills and extend their knowledge, all of them serving as crucial factors for future employment opportunities.

Momčilo with his interns

Momčilo with his interns

After reading all this information, you may ask yourself why it is so important for our Foundation. And yes, it is very important. The fact, that we are very proud of, is that one of our most outstanding scholars and students, Momčilo Amović, currently being employed at LANACO, was the coordinator and mentor of above-mentioned and described internship program. Additionally, along with but separately from internship, a mentorship program was organized, where Momčilo also participated in sharing his knowledge and experience with young people and students with aim to give them all what is necessary to get introduced and adopted to the company’s work, concept and services.

We are very happy and proud of Momčilo’s achievement and the fact that he recognized the importance and cost-effectiveness when questioning the work and cooperation with young people. We wish him a lot of success and good luck in career as well as in the process of collecting experience in mentoring.