Belma completed her master programme at Uppsala University

Do you remember Belma? She was one of the speakers at 3rd BH Futures Foundation's Academy in Tuzla in November 2018. She inspired with her story many of our students and guess what?! Our Belma graduated last week from Master Programme in Applied Biotechnology at Uppsala University in Sweden.

This is how she described her experience:


"I have spent the past two years studying Master Programme in Applied Biotechnology at Uppsala University. For the first year of my study, I have enrolled at different subjects. It was at one of those subjects where I fell in love with computational biology. We've been working with some software and I felt like time was flying. Soon after, I got into one of the biggest labs of computational biology and chemistry and there I have spent the second half of my masters. While being in that lab, I had to learn a lot because almost all of that was new for me. I have mainly worked with structure-based drug design. My master project's main topic was to investigate Cannabinoid receptor 1 and Rimonabant-based chemical scaffold and try to understand how to optimise the charged ligands so they wouldn't pass the blood brain barrier.

I would like to thank BH Futures Foundation because it helped a lot in developing a certain mindset and giving me strength, understanding and support. Learning how to present your skills is probably the most valuable skill I have obtained within the Foundation."

Well done Belma! We are so proud of you!