Career Day in Brcko District - Visit by Aleksandar Mastilovic

It was big challenge for me to find the most appropriate and efficient way to approach very young people from high schools in Brcko District in order to present them all possible career paths that they could take. My goal was also to encourage them at the very beginning of their careers. During this period of their lives, they are very sensitive, confused and for first time in their young lives they will need to take responsibility and choose their field of occupation, what is ultimately one of the most important decision they will have in their lives, as this can define their life paths in the future. 

I accepted an invitation from Network of Student Councils Bosnia & Herzegovina (mreSVUBiH) to participate the event in Brcko on March 06, 2017. I was delighted to find out that students from high schools in Bosnia & Herzegovina are very connected through different representative bodies both on cantonal and entity level: mRESURS, mreVUK / mreVUZ and mreVUD, were all united in mreSVUBIH on a national level of organisation. I was so glad to hear that young, very successful individuals have been slowly building their own network and cooperation system, that could benefit their peers positively. 

It was the first time that Brcko held a Career Day and the interest that had been raised for this kind of event was impressive. I gave a speech that discussed engineering, challenges which I had encountered as an engineer and an explanation of what young students can expect through their tertiary education as well as their latter careers, should they choose this kind of field of study.

Following my discussion on engineering, I received several questions that indicated that the students are very motivated and impatient to make a new step forward in their lives. Most of them will be tertiary students in less than a year and their expectations are huge.

It was an honour to be part of this event and I hope that I and BH Futures Foundation helps them understand this new phase of their lives. The foundation encourages students joining the academic community in the near future to apply for our scholarships, ask our team for support academically and for mentorships and feel confident that they will gain a response and solution! We're here to help Bosnian-Herzegovinian students achieve their goals and attain their dreams. 

Aleksandar Mastilovic

Eddie Custovic