TRANSFERRING International Knowledge Back to Local Communities


The BH Futures Foundation has launched its “Futures Webinar Series” where global experts cover a variety of topics and share knowledge with the youth of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The first webinar was be hosted on Thursday 25th April (21:00 -22:00 CET) and our speaker was Dejan Milojicic, Silicon Valley Distinguished Engineer.

The foundation will host an industry professional at least once a month with the possibilities of hosting webinars on a more regular basis. Webinars allow us to draw on the knowledge and experience of our diaspora and other global experts to advance the career perspective of youth in the homeland.

We have received enormous support for the work we are undertaking and dozens of industry/academics experts have shown an interest in hosting a webinar in their domain.


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BH Futures Foundation "Futures Webinar Series" Dejan Milojicic, Distinguished Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) IEEE President-Elect Candidate 2020 Palo Alto, USA ------------ About Webinar ------------ Evolving Computing Post-Moore's Law Every two years the number of transistors on a computer chip will double or in simpler terms the overall processing power for computers will double.