Rijad Sarić on research experience in Germany

Rijad Saric_Berlin.jpg

We are proud to share another success of our outstanding scholar and volunteer Rijad Sarić. He has made impressive progress in his professional engineering career in the last six months. Last year, he got the opportunity to attend international summer school organised by the University of Potsdam and Leibniz Research German Institute for Innovative Microelectronics (IHP GmbH) located in Frankfurt (Oder) Brandenburg region. The main goal of the summer school was to discuss reliability, safety and security challenges in embedded systems for autonomous driving. This hands-on experience encouraged Rijad to begin work on real-time implementation of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for detection of epileptic seizures as a part of his MSc thesis at International Burch University (IBU).

After successful prototype design and implementation, he was interviewed by IHP leading scientists since he decided to apply for the student internship. He was deservedly offered to participate in ongoing EMPHASE project throughout the three-month research internship. During his internship, he was mentored by the head of Design & Test Methodology team Prof. Dr.-ing. Miloš Krstić, who was also the keynote speaker of the second IEEE SYPC'17 as well as research scientist Dr.-ing. Markus Ulbricht. Furthermore, he was responsible for designing object detection and localization algorithm that accepts raw data from both radar and camera integrated into the highly automated driving system. Special thank goes to our Foundation member Prof. Dr. Dejan Jokić who gave valuable support in the field of the embedded systems while collaborating with Rijad and group of researchers at the Department of System Design at IHP. Besides, Rijad has also visited the main campus of Technical University in Berlin (TUB) including a tour of lecture halls, labs, and modern technical library.

Honestly, we are delighted with tremendous professional and research work that Rijad participated at. It is truly valuable to participate in such respectable projects and meet scientists from around the world.

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