Breakfast with EU Innovator of the year, Michela Magas

It is a great feeling when successful people from all around the world want to learn more about our work and get to know us. Every time this happens, it reinforces the point that we are doing outstanding things.

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This time, together with our partners from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and industry partner Softhouse Consulting we had an honor to host Michela Magaš, an incredible woman with world-class experience in building ecosystems, bringing worldly ideas to reality through her innovative mindset and “never give up” attitude. Over breakfast and a cup of coffee we briefly introduced her to our work: how it all started, what we are currently doing and plans for the near future (big things coming, stay tuned :D ).

We also had the pleasure to hear firsthand from Michela about her work. She wears many hats: founder & creative director of Music Tech Fest, Director of MTFLabs focusing on collaborative research into AI and related applications; founder & CEO of Stromatolite, design and technology innovation lab, chair of the Industry Commons Foundation (ICF) which she founded in Stockholm and where Eddie Custovic the BH Futures Foundation founder is also an advisor. To top all of that Michela is an advisor to European Commission. It is needless to say that she would need a few days in order to explain it all, so we only got a short version of everything she is involved in. We were fascinated by the projects which combine technology and music for good of humanity.

Did you know that we can unite different cultures through their similarities in music? “Music music is our social glue - it breaks down barriers in communication” says Michela. Did you know that people can play instruments even if they are physically disabled, just by their brain waves? Michela is spearheading innovation this space and developing technologies that for some of us are truly mind boggling.

Finally, we all agreed that south and north of Europe should be connected by working on the same projects.

You can read more about Michela and her work here and here.