8 Things We Learned from the Webinar with P&G’s Global IT Manager

Adnan Behmen webinar.png

Last night was reserved for Futures Webinar Series Episode 2, in which we hosted one of our mentors, Adnan Behmen. Adnan is a globally recognized digital supply chain expert with 20 years of experience in building P&G supply chain excellence through IT innovation.

The webinar was online on our official Youtube channel and it lasted for an hour and a half, during which we listened to Adnan’s presentation on Leadership Development followed by quite an extensive Question & Answer session.

Here are the top 8 things our students learned from it:

  1. Damir: “Leadership job is bringing success. Success is the best morale boost. Remind about the WHY and explain the WHY.”

  2. Emina: “Leadership can be learned; we do not have to be born with it.”

  3. Milan: “Flat structure is great when innovation is the goal, while hierarchy is ideal for scaling up. However, even a flat structure needs a leader.”

  4. Nevena: “We have to ensure that we do not demoralize team members and that we try to avoid bringing in negative energy. We must also set realistic and achievable goals.”

  5. Kenan: “The role of the project manager is to limit the detailing to perfection. A certain standard of work should be reached, but any exaggeration over this is not effective and should be interrupted in time by the manager.”

  6. Denis: “The most important thing is to take the initiative and learn from the work done.”

  7. Mutimir: “Vision without action is just an abstract idea.”

  8. Vildana: “The project has a priority to perform well in relation to the strengthening of the skills of individual members, but space should be found in the time for training people. Balance is the key.”

We are very grateful to Adnan for separating his valuable time and we are looking forward to our new webinars. Stay tuned!