Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation Travel Grant Application & Information

The Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation understands that knowledge transfer is critical in building a propsperous country. Knowledge transfer can occur in a variety of ecosystems and for students this is often through conferences, workshops, summer schools, cultural exchange programs, internships and one on one meetings with experts. In order to learn from the best, one must be prepared to travel and interact with other cultures. Our foundation is determined to provide opportunities for students from Bosnia & Herzegovina to travel to other countries and gain invaluable knowledge that will help advance their career and those around them.


Typically we help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to fully or partially cover costs of travel to another country for a conference, summer/winter school, short course etc.


The Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation offers financial assistance for students & young professionals to attend a single conference, summer/winter school, short course etc.

  • Financial award - The foundation will determine what amount of financial support it will offer to the applicant based the proposed budget and travel expenses. The foundation will not provide cash payments but will pay for one or more of flights, bus, acommodation, registration. 
  • Opportunity to transfer knowledge - The foundation offer additional support to the successful applicant in order to organise an event that will allow them to transfer the gained knowledge to others in Bosnia & Herzegovina


Applicants for the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation travel grants must meet the eligibility criteria in order to be considered for the travel grant. Applicants must be truthful when filling out the relevant information. You will be asked to provide evidence if you are shortlisted for an interview. 


  • Must be enrolled in a recognised Bachelor, Masters or PhD degree (Any engineering, manufacturing, computer sciences or information technology)
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student (full study load) 
  • Have a well formed plan or evidence for being able to cover the remaining cost from other funding sources.
  • Must demonstrate financial hardship (difficulty of financing travel)
  • Conference, summer/winter school or workshop must be of high quality and organised by a reputable body
  • Event must be outside of Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Applicant must have assurance that a visa (if required) can be obtained 


Applicants will be selected upon academic merit, exemplary character, exceptional potential for leadership, and the sense of promise that they may one day make contributions of enduring importance to foundation, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the betterment of humanity. Finally, the significance of the event and the contribution it will make to the applicant will be looked at in detail to determine the most valuable return on investment. The goal of the selection process is to identify young people who demonstrate high academic achievement and leadership, as well as those with exceptional aptitudes, unique talents and special gifts of creativity or entrepreneurial acumen. 

TRAVEL GRANT APPLICATION FORM (Next round opens 31st January 2018)

Students can apply for travel grants using the form below. We recommend that you document your long written answers in microsoft word and copy them into the application form below.

Important Dates

Travel Grant Application Opens January 31st 2018

Travel Grant Application Deadline
February 28th 2018


Travel Grant Results Announced
March 15th 2018

Application for BHFutures Foundation Travel Grant

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Date of birth
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Which event are you seeking for financial support for, location and date, web link of the event, significant of the event for you?
Please tell us about yourself and describe your research work briefly
Are you presenting a paper/poster, running a workshop or just participating.
Have you receieved some financial support from the event organisers, your university, ministry etc?
Please provide your full budget (including registration, accommodation, transport and incidentals)? Which amount are you seeking for and for which purpose?
Please provide full details of your academic reference inc name, institution, email and contact number