Dr. Greg Adamson - University of Melbourne

I had the good fortune to lecture students in Sarajevo and Tuzla in late 2016. Based on the questions they asked, and discussions with some of these students, I realised that the only barrier they face is opportunity. The topics I spoke on -- fintech, blockchain, cybercrime, ethics, and the impact of technology on society -- will be providing many of the jobs that these students can aspire to in the next four to five years. If they pass their basic studies, and are familiar with global trends in technology, connection isn't the problem, as we live in a connected world. Having the opportunity, the break, the chance to be part of these trends in technology as they develop, that is what is needed. I see the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation as more than an example, as an actual first step, in helping provide those opportunities."


Dr Greg Adamson, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, and Principal, Digital Risk Innovation.

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