Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation Scholarship


What Is the BHFF Scholarship?

The Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation Scholarship is a prestigious career development opportunity for students currently studying or commencing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in any technical science (engineering, manufacturing, computer sciences, information technology) in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It includes industry-oriented education, technology access, leadership development, mobility opportunities and funding opportunities; and students can apply for it in two rounds per year (end of March and end of October cycles).

The programme was developed in cooperation with internationally recognized industry experts and members of academia and by partnering up with experts, globally and in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we ensure our scholars are learning based on the latest trends. To date, our programmes have successfully transformed the lives of hundreds of students, developing highly competent young leaders who are empowered to make a positive impact on the future of our homeland. Our scholarship provides students all the resources and support needed to launch their young professional careers to new heights. With our help, they can become leaders in their respective fields and transform into change makers to inspire a new generation of B&H youth.

When you become a BH Futures Foundation scholar, you become a member of a professional organisation where a cohesive and family-orientated environment ensures your path to success. We believe that the BH Futures Foundation Scholarship truly is life changing and is regarded by students as the most valuable scholarship on offer in the entire Bosnia & Herzegovina.


What does the scholarship Include?

What started off as a financial scholarship to help hard working students from disadvantaged backgrounds to cover the extra ‘costs’ of schooling, over the year turned into a comprehensive support programme every student can benefit from. We now focus almost exclusively on providing opportunities for motivated students to extend their talents and pursue their career aspirations with local and international volunteering, work experience and jobs.

“During a single year period, on average over 6.000 BAM is invested into every single one of our scholars.”

The scholarship offers the following:

Professional Development

  • Industry Mentoring - 12 x 1 hour (minimum) expert career, technical and leadership mentoring matched to meet your needs from an industry professional as a part of the BH Futures Mentorship Programme. Our mentors come from some of the most regarded and diverse companies in the world (Google, Siemens, Apple, Continental etc).

  • Career counselling with HR expert - The foundation is well connected and supported by HR experts, offering our scholars career advice in preparation for internship/job interviews, navigating corporate environments.

  • Exclusive access to professional development workshops with industry partners - The foundation has vast industry partners who we work with offering our scholars access to their technical and enterprise development workshops, seminars and other formats of professional development. The foundation covers all associated costs including travel, registration etc.

  • Internships & Jobs (Local & International) - The foundation regularly provides opportunities of employment within and outside of Bosnia & Herzegovina for students who demonstrate outstanding results and commitment towards their studies. To date our students have undertaken dozens of internships all over the world.

  • Application support for other scholarships, grants, masters and PhD programmes - We have years of experience in writing applications and guiding students in those processes. Learn how to write them under our guidance and secure amazing opportunities.


  • BHFF Academy - 3 x attendance at BH Futures Foundation Academies during the year. Academies are two-day events that consist of workshops, industry visits and networking events aimed at developing the professional skills of our scholars and are exclusively organized for them. All travel, accommodation and other expenses are covered by the foundation. The academies rotate between major cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

  • Exclusive access to monthly webinars - The foundation hosts a monthly webinar that is only accessible to its members. Speakers at webinars are global leaders & experts in a variety of technical and non technical fields.

Participation in Events

  • Annual IEEE Conference - Attendance at the annual IEEE Student & Young Professional Congress B&H. The registration, travel, accommodation and other costs are covered by the foundation.

  • Mobility/Travel - Exclusive access to funding to attend conferences, workshops and other professional development opportunities outside of Bosnia & Herzegovina. We understand the importance of cultural immersion and enable our students to travel abroad with a mission of knowledge transfer. Our scholars have travelled all over the world from Australia, USA, Turkey, South-East Asia and all over the EU.


  • Financial support for education - We understand that our scholars can have financial challenges and hardship during their studies. We provide limited financial support for extreme cases of hardship (written evidence is required).

  • Project funding - We encourage our scholars to regularly work on projects. Each of our scholars is expected to be involved in at least 1 project at any given time. As such, the foundation provides students with supervision, advice and access to funding to support their project development. Scholars can initiate projects at any time and seek foundation support.


  • Professional societies - The foundation offers scholarship recipients opportunities to grow their professional network and soft skills by providing volunteering opportunities with organisations such as the IEEE, Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation, EESTEC, AIESEC and other professional organisations. Volunteer with peers all over BiH and all over the world.

  • STEM outreach - Get trained and help deliver a custom designed STEM educational outreach programme across the entire of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The foundation has extensive contacts in elementary/primary schools, high schools and universities in B&H, enabling knowledge transfer to occur through technical workshops that we deliver (electronics, programming, robotics, power engineering etc).

  • High school mentoring - We have developed the first university student - high school student mentoring programme in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Our scholars are all assigned several high school students who they will mentor during their time with our foundation. This ensures that knowledge and career guidance flows down to those who need it. It also helps our scholars gain experience in mentoring others and transferring knowledge which is highly regarded as an attribute in industry.

Startup Support

  • The foundation has numerous executive board members who are seasoned entrepreneurs. We provide support for innovation and startup companies that our scholars are involved in. Support comes in the form of technical, business, marketing and legal, all free of charge.

Scholarship Eligibility & Selection Criteria

Applicants for the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation Scholarship must meet the eligibility criteria in order to be considered for the scholarship. Applicants must be truthful when filling out the relevant information and they will be asked to provide evidence if shortlisted for an interview. Every applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be enrolled in a Bachelor or Masters degree in any university in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Any engineering, manufacturing, computer sciences or information technology or technology)

  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student (full study load)

  • Must speak a minimum level of conversational English

  • Grade average minimum 7.5

Applicants will be selected upon one or more of the following: exemplary character, demonstrated self-initiative & community service, academic success, exceptional potential for leadership, demonstrating that personal time into has already been invested in professional development, overall proactiveness and the sense of promise that they may one day make contributions of enduring importance to the foundation, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the betterment of society. The goal of the selection process is to identify young people who demonstrate exceptional attitude towards learning (learning how to learn) and leadership, as well as those with unusual aptitudes, uncommon talents and special gifts of creativity or entrepreneurial acumen and care factor towards their community. Students must be prepared to volunteer and help others upon receiving a scholarship.

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

Upon receiving the scholarship, every scholarship recipient is expcted to follow through on the following conditons:

  • Maintain a grade average of 7.5 (10 being highest and 6 lowest in BiH Universities) and above throughout the year

  • Volunteer a minimum of 100 hours throughout a 12 month period with BH Futures Foundation, IEEE and other professional bodies

  • Regularly participate in mentoring program and provide brief reports

  • Regularly communicate with other scholarship recipients and foundation volunteers/staff

  • Always write brief reports if you attend or participate in any BH Futures Foundation or partner activities

  • Adhere to high level of professionalism

  • Adhere to the values of the BH Futures Foundation

  • Attendance of BH Futures Foundation academies

Important Dates

Scholarships Round 1 Applications Open
February 24 2019

Scholarships Round 1 Application Close
March 22 2019

Scholarships Round 1 Interviews
March 25 - 29 2019

Scholarships Round 1 Results Announced
April 1 2019

Scholarships Round 2 Applications Open
September 30 2019

Scholarships Round 2 Application Close
October 25 2019

Scholarships Round 2 Interviews
October 28 - November 1 2019

Scholarships Round 2 Results Announced
November 4 2019


How to Apply for the Scholarship


Students can apply to become scholars of BH Futures Foundation by submitting an application which includes a motivational letter (maximum 2 pages). When writing your motivational letter please ensure you thoroughly learn about the work of the foundation, address all of the selection criteria and answer important questions below.

Click here to read some information on how to write motivational scholarship letters.

Your application should be in the form a motivational letter (essay) addressing each of the following (the document you submit should integrate all of the following, do not answer each question separately):

  • Provide detailed biography (tell the foundation about yourself) 

  • Describe your major career achievements to date (projects, scholarships, grants etc)

  • Describe your volunteering experience to date 

  • How will you use this scholarship to better your career and those around you?

  • Please describe where your future ambitions. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  • Anything else you would like to add to strengthen your application