Our Vision

"To transform young talents into future leaders and break down ethnic barriers in Bosnia & Herzegovina through access to technology and education."



Twenty years after the Dayton Peace Agreement and the end of the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina still faces economic, social, and political challenges. The youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are aware of the range of problems they are facing. One of their major concerns is the indifferent attitude towards the needs of young people. At the same time, a significant number of them remain optimistic and have positive expectations regarding the progress of the country in the next few years.

In many developed countries, youth are treated as the most valuable resource in future economic development. The countries heavily invest in their development: with high quality education, continuous training for employment, creation of jobs, and connection to globally relevant leadership forums. Young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina deserve these similar opportunities. Unfortunately, a majority of them are leaving the country seeking opportunities elsewhere. We know that tens of thousands of individuals who were born in Bosnia & Herzegovina are now working and living in other countries around the world. They are successful engineers, manufacturing experts, business & information technology professionals,  doctors, lawyers, biologists, physicists, chemist and other types of scientists. This mass emigration of youth poses major challenges to the future development of the country and is a serious loss for the greater community. 

Within the country, educational reform has been extremely slow and investment into science/technology infrastructure in the publication education sector (primary, secondary and university) has been nearly non-existent. Furthermore,  tertiary education at public institutions is still, for most citizens, far from affordable. Private tertiary institutions are generally better equipped. However, with fees that are four to five times higher than public institutions, only a small portion can afford them. The average household income in Bosnia & Herzegovina is approximately 450 USD. As an example (provided you are not covered by the federal government budget) the annual cost of studying an undergraduate electrical engineering degree is 970 USD. This is equivalent to 17% of an average family income. With the general cost of living much higher than the average family income, a quality education is not within the reach of most families.

Our Mission

  • Provide education and technology access to disadvantaged individuals in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Ensure that the youth of Bosnia & Herzegovina have opportunities for employment within the country
  • Empower the youth to tackle the challenges ahead, as they are the indispensable factor and driving force of the change that can and needs to happen. 
  • Inspire the next generation of engineering and technology leaders who will play a pivotal role in helping Bosnia and Herzegovina flourish.
  • Provide mentoring for the youth of Bosnia & Herzegovina from a global network of leading industry and academic experts
  • Provide students opportunities to gain international work experience and work on globally relevant projects

Who are we

The Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation was founded in December 2015 by Edhem (Eddie) Custovic and his brother Resad Custovic. The Custovic brothers emigrated to Australia during the Bosnian war and have since built very successful careers. In their early 30's they recognised the need to help the youth of their birth country through the power of education and technology access. The foundation is supported by a board of directors and volunteers who strive towards a common goal. The board is made up of young and successful entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and business executives with globally relevant experience and strong communication and leadership abilities. We are a foundation that has strong ties to Bosnia & Herzegovina and truly understands the challanges faced by the youth.

Meet the Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation Board of Directors.